Indigo Child ॐ

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Uni: one / Verse: poem or song

high i'm gabbie.
veggie eater, animal lover

People are down to party

I can say that I’ve missed treated my blog, but that’s not necessarily my fault. I’ve been living on my own, and sadly I have no internet….haha oh gosh where to began my followers. The months have felt so long but the rent seems always due. I can say I’ve biten bigger than I can chew.
I work my ass off working almost every day. When the bus doesn’t come and I have no ride its a 7 mile walk, I’ve made many many times. I’ve even got hit by a car. Fucked my bike up, and killed my ankle. No matter how hard I work, when it comes to money, and making rent. I seem to be the only having to empty my pockets, paying it by myself. Its a struggle living on your own. I didn’t think I was so broke until I couldn’t open my tuna can because I had no can opener. Its a humbling feeling.
Some nights I wanna cry like I did at his house. But I’ve learned it never does a thing. In fact its almost a crime now. It was a good stress realiver but it just causes more anxeity when I get yelled at for crying.
Yeah, homes not doing so well, neither is work. Infact, ill skip talking about it because I just don’t wanna think about that place when I’m not there.
I have high hopes. I’m gonna have to break my heart and go to Kent. I don’t want to leave him at all. I just need distance to go to school and start growing up. I haven’t done anything for myself in years. Uh so nervous.

Well I guess this is just grow up…its a trap.